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Spending a lot of time reading blogs and watching Youtube videos I am forever finding new beauty tricks and shortcuts that I was unaware of.  Some of which I’m  not sure how I managed to survive without and some are just plain crazy nonsense. One of the greatest and most life changing was that of the bobby pin, which I have been using upside down for most of my adult life. Crimped side down~ what is life!! Today I am sharing my top beauty hacks that are 100% fool proof, 100% effective, and best of all none of these require the suck facing of a plastic bottle!


Lashes ~ Baby powder falsies

Baby powder false lashes

Baby Powder Lash Extensions

After you apply your mascara, use a small brush or Q-tip dipped in baby powder and run across the tips of your lashes. When you apply the second coat the mascara will stick to the powder creating the effect of fuller longer lashes. I have used my Clinique Lash Extending Mascara on both eyes but on the right eye I have used the baby powder hack between applications~ lashes are noticeably thicker and longer.


Vaseline perfume


Vaseline Before Perfume

Apply Vaseline to your pulse points before applying your perfume: your scent will last longer than when applied directly to the skin.

Prime Your Eyes With White Liner

Before you apply your eye shadow cover your eyelid with white eyeliner, this will enhance the pigment of your eye shadow shade, making it appear more vibrant, by cancelling out your natural skin tone. This also works for nail polish; pigments are enhanced when a white varnish is used as a base coat.


Conditioner for shaving

Conditioner For Shaving

Replace your usual shaving foam with hair conditioner, makes the hairs softer for a smoother, easier shave and your skin will be left feeling silky soft and moisturised!

Coconut Oil For Just About Everything

Use coconut oil as a hair mask. Shampoo your hair and then add in coconut oil and leave for around 20-30 minutes. Rinse out and wash as normal. Perfect for dry or damaged hair.

Body scrub. Add a little brown sugar to your coconut oil for the perfect exfoliator.

Make up remover. Add a little coconut oil to a cotton pad for makeup removal.

Texture Your Braid With A Tooth Brush

As you know I love a braid but I always rough them up a little. Using a toothbrush (new/unused) to texturize the braids by brushing them against the direction they’ve been braided. I love this especially for my milkmaid braids.

Super-Fast Nail Polish Dry

Once you’ve painted your nails place your fingertips into a bowl of iced water for a few minutes. The cold water will set the polish and help the nails dry faster.

Kohl Pencil into liner

Eyeliner swatch

Pencil Liner into Gel Liner

Hold your kohl pencil under a flame for one second, allow to cool for 15 seconds before applying to the eye: the typically hard to apply liner will now glide across your eyelid with the smoothness of a gel formula. Perfect for achieving that smudgy smoky eye effect. I have used my Hard Candy Kohl liner here, the first line is rough and uneven, the second is after the gel hack and the line is smooth and even in its application.

No~Fail Feline Flick

Use a clear tape to stencil on a feline flick. Place the edge of the tape in line with your bottom lashes and angle the top towards your brow, the thickness can be determined by your preference ~ perfectly angled smooth lines.

Mascara Eyeliner

If you’ve run out of liquid liner, use your winged liner brush and mascara: coat the liner brush using the mascara wand and off you go.

Concealer ~ right way ~ wrong way

Concealer ~ Right way // Wrong way

I was absolutely getting this wrong until recently. Using your concealer, draw a triangle pointing toward your cheek with the base under your eye and blend: this will not only conceal dark circles but also creates and instant lift and brightens your face.

I hope you enjoyed this post, these are all now firmly embedded in my daily routine, many saving me money, time and frustration! Comment below and let me know if you have any beauty hacks of your own, or any daily routine frustrations and I’ll do my best to find an effective hack! Apologies for the picture quality, the sun disappeared and my photo lamp was without a bulb #bloggerissues. Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Share!

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