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  Before and During

This was meant to be a Body Fat % update but I haven’t had time to get it done, I have instead taken some progress pictures and measurement updates which I am sharing with you in this brief yet informative blog post. I’m really pleased with the pictures, especially my glutes, my lower body has been the hardest build for me. I naturally carry a lot of my fat around my thighs and butt so building muscle knowing that I’ll also store fat there is a struggle, but as I’m beginning to lose the fat and see the changes in my body shape and muscles growth, it all feels worth it. The picture on the left was taken in Feburary this year and picture on the right was taken this weekend.


Before and during 2

Before and During 3



Waist 29″ | Butt 39″ | Thighs 20″ | Bicep 11″ 137 lb

19 April

Waist 26″ | Butt 37″ | Thighs 18″ | Bicep 10″ 125lb

29 July 15

Waist 27″ | Butt 37″ | Thighs 18″ | Bicep 10″  130 lb

As with most fitness journeys mine has had its ups and downs. The April measurements were taken for my HappilyFit // Check in and Gym Haul after I had been pretty ill and lost a lot of weight very quickly, as well as strength and muscle. I was a bit demotivated but accepted the set back and after a little coaching from PT I decided to bring my calories back up and gain some weight over May. By June I was hitting my PB lifts again.

I started to cut again late June and have decided to use Body Fat % as a measure of progress instead of the scales. On the 26th June I was at 20% body fat and I’m hopping that’s reduced a little, my aim is to hit 16% by the end of the summer. I can see that despite a 5 lb weight gain, my measurements have not changed. This tells me that I’ve gained muscle and lost fat ~ perfectly demonstrating how misleading the scales can be!

I’m really enjoying the journey, despite the ups and downs and I’ve had some lovely comments from people which helps to keep me focused. I have been asked a lot lately about my workouts and the exercises I do so I’ll be included some work out posts targeting upper and lower body over the next month ~ starting with Tris and Bis (and that updated BodyFat %). I hope you enjoyed this post, as always…



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