Monday Motivation // This is Not a Rehearsal

….We Are Live


Good morning! Monday motivation episode two posted on a Monday #success. So there I was sipping my Sunday morning Coffee, swiping through the pages of social media slowly waking up and planning the days activity when I read 5 words that ignited a startling realisation.

”Today is not a rehearsal”

Mortality. It is a reality for us all. I’m not going to dwell on the fact, but I do believe there is danger in not facing it. We are live. This second counts and it is an opportunity! We waste so much valuable time accepting less than we deserve, hating the things we can change and fearing the bold moves that could, believe it or not, actually succeed! So take it, take your opportunity to be courageous, appreciative, tell people you love them, tell people you deserve better than them, apply for that job because yours sucks a bit, start a business, take a class; we are here, in this moment, only once and each of us has the power to make it count. Have a great Monday!



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