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Finally!! White Chocolate for the Win

Training in Summer is so much easier for me. I’m not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense, but after a few repeated weeks of sunshine I am definitely enjoying the gym more; I refer to mindset more than my physically capability, but each can certainly affect the other over time. In recent weeks I’ve found that I have more energy, more focus and a revived love for what I do.

Getting your nutrition right and avoiding the crave is a hard tackle all year round for most of us but again I find that the struggle eases during the summer months. I have been craving salad instead of pizza, BCAAs instead of hot chocolate and, I’m not even kidding, satsumas (obsessed) over snickers ~ what is life?? After a significant MyProtein haul I thought I’d share my favourite summer flavours along with some of their new products. Starting with…


White Chocolate Protein Brownies £11.99. Finally! I am a fan of the regular chocolate brownies and if I’m quick enough I might be able to grab one before PT eats the lot but I’ll always go white chocolate if faced with the option and these are incredible!

Skinny Cookie £11.99. White Chocolate and Cranberry. Another for the win!

image image

Natural Strawberry Whey Protein Shake £15.79. This is my go to shake flavour for summer, perfect for blending with fruit for a protein smoothie or mixed with quark for a quick and simple protein desert!

Summer flavours

Nutrigreens Tropical £7.99. I love this stuff but in my opinion you have to get the flavoured variety, or it’s the difference between delicious beverage and forcing down grass water.

BCAAs Sour Raspberry £13.29. This was a new flavour for me and it’s my favourite so far. I have this during and after my workouts, it’s also perfect for freezing into BCAA popcicles and slushies!


Protein Latte £12.99. I’ve definitely featured this before and it’s still a favourite. It’s called hot latte and directions suggest microwaving but I throw this in a shaker with some ice and cold water and it’s perfect! 15g of protein!

image image

I also picked these up from the Myprotein active wear range. The Medium Support Zip Front Sports Bra £24.99 and Tie Die Core Leggings £24.99.  As it happens it’s not just my nutritional palate that gets more vibrant! The MyProtein clothing range is getting stronger with each release, it use to feel like a supplement brand add on, the quality wasn’t ‘official’ enough but the last couple of releases have owned it. There is currently up to 50% off clothing to celebrate 12 years of MP, with new products having been released daily this week, along with some great deals. No code required! I also got these free cupcakes!




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