Monday Motivation // A Book About Cheese You Must Read…

Know Your Cheese

I haven’t posted a Monday Motivation in a while, infact June has been motivationless, but I promise this post could be a game changer. Read this book. 

‘Who Moved My Cheese’ 

by Spencer Johnson


This is a book about cheese you absolutely must read. The first few pages of ‘The Story’ will see you through a few flashes of ‘what the…Brie? Cheddar?  Really?’. But then it happens, it clicks and you realise that this is an extraordinarily clever book on how to deal with change; be it in your professional life, personal life, friendships or relationships. That is all I’m going to say. This will be a page by page journey of self reflection and learning and I don’t want to cloud your experience by sharing my own. Enjoy!



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