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…is not a dirty word. Having worked in a corporate environment for many years, I hear and see ambition in action daily. As I’ve progressed professionally I’ve seen an evolution in how the word is interpreted. ‘You can’t trust her, she’s very ambitious. Does he realise there’s more to life than work’. I’m lost as to why some people assume having ambition means you’re ready, willing and able to step on anyone to get there. That there’s nothing more to you than materialistic and professional gains. As a women in her 30s (just…I mean barely…I’ve basically been 29 for a year and a bit plus a month or two) the topic of family comes at me far too often. I’m frequently warned not to let my ambition get in the way of having children, if it’s not ‘when will you?’ it ‘when you…’, a grossly over expressed assumption of any female.

Moving away from family values, let’s talk about money and ‘things’. Being ambitious means you’re greedy right? Consumed with riches, being rich and having ‘stuff’. Does it? Are you sure? My thoughts are that ambition has many levels, it can be the aspiring chief executive of a national organisation, or the local hairdresser who wants her own salon; it can be the bodybuilder who wants to hit a 100kg bench or the runner hopeful for a 10K.

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The word alone should be an inspiration not a threat; it tells you nothing more about a person than that within them exists a determination to improve and a desire to achieve.


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