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Daily Dos For Success…

Write it down

I’m a list girl, I have journals and rose gold encrusted notepads on every surface of my home and I use them. Before I go to bed at night I have to clear my head, it’s also when I have so many of my ‘great ideas’. Whether it’s a blog post, course I want to go on, improvement initiative or simply the outfit I’d like to wear three days  from now. It all gets written down. Collating your thoughts on a page is the best way to analyse what needs to be done, prioritise tasks and put ideas into action.

Don’t be afraid

Well, you can be but don’t make it the reason you didn’t try. ‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear’ – Jack Canfield. The fear of failure is the greatest barrier to success, I personally don’t think I’ll ever be free of it but I have learned to overcome it, even use it. To echo Mr Canfield, if it doesn’t scare you … is it really everything you want?


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Yes. ‘We will literally sleep our way to the top’ – Arianna Huffington (TED Talk). You need it. Fact. Get yourself a ‘good night’ routine and stick to it. If it’s reading a book for a hour, a camomile tea with your latest Netflix addiction or practicing your violin to the horror of Boyfriend, find what works for you and build it into your day. A good nights sleep holds great power and can be the key to a productive day.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

A success squad if you will. People who support you, hold you accountable and inspire you. It can be one person, two people or ten. These don’t need to be your best friends but they do need to be people who ‘get it’, who understand your focus and drive and add value to it. Sometimes it’s the closest of friends who easily dismiss your accomplishments and discourage your dreams more than anyone else.

Don’t Compete

Yes it’s a competition at times, you wont be the only one going for the job, on the stage or on the pitch. Whatever your arena it certainly helps to be aware but if you’re always measuring yourself against others then you’re not paying enough attention to you. Evaluate yourself, focus on being better than you were, growing your own knowledge and developing your skills because in trying to be as good as another or follow their path, you lose your chance to be better and creating your own.


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