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So You Had A Bad Day….

A bad day can literally knock the breath right out of you, whether its a relentless workload, a break up, unexpected bills or an unraveling schedule, how you react will be the difference between a bad day and a defeated week. Here are 5 things that can help turn a bad day around, or at least allow you to start fresh tomorrow…

Take A Mindful Moment 

We often rush through our days, eager to get things done, meet targets, make it to lunch and when we’re having a bad day that haste increases tenfold, ‘when will it be over’, ‘I just want to get home’. Stop. Take a breath and pay more attention to the present moment, your thoughts and feelings and the world around you. In the midst of negativity on a bad day mindfulness can help us enjoy the moment, understand ourselves better and perhaps find the resolution. At the very least we can often focus our minds on the positive aspects of life.

Treat Yourself

On a spectacularly bad day I will treat myself. Whether its a long soak in the bath, a cinnamon bun or a pair of shoes; a treat can often turn a bad day around. Give yourself something to look forward to, a moment of blissful enjoyment to ease the trials and tribulations of the day.


At the end of every bad day the most important thing to do is learn from it. What was it that went wrong? how did you react? did this make it worse? what could you have done differently? Even as adults we are learning every day, the lessons aren’t as patient or kind in their delivery as they were in the classroom and sometimes they feel like a slap to the face….sometimes they are a slap to the face. But if we can reflect, better understand and learn from it then a bad day is not without its benefits. 


Hit the gym. Put your headphones on, ignore everything around you (health and safety permitting) and lift something heavy, go for a run or swim a few lengths, whatever your preference, release those endorphin’s and turn your day around! 

Surround Yourself With People Who ‘Get It’

…. or at least try to understand it. Whatever the reason behind your bad day, identify that one person, two people, team in your world who will ‘get it’ and get it enough to lend you their ear and perhaps an hour or two of supporting narrative. It may not be you best friend, your oldest friend or even a friendly friend that helps you through your worst days but someone who gets it will. 

How to turn a bad day around


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