About Me

About Me

HappilyAnnie was born in 2014, and was created as a little place for me on the World Wide Web to share my thoughts on the things I love. Whilst at University I contributed to blog sites, although back then ‘blog’ wasn’t a term widely used, magazine features, campaign styling and travelled to London and LA for fashion week. I loved it. Following graduation, the real world took hold and I found myself doing less and less, until I stopped completely.

I realised in the summer of 2014 that I’d been filling my social media pages with posts on fitness, lipsticks, OOTD, overwhelmed with an urge to share my shoes, outfits and what I benched that day; and to an audience who probably didn’t care but who had no choice in the matter. I wanted my own arena, for people to stop by as and when they pleased. So with a little encouragement from my partner PT, HappilyAnnie was born.

PT is Personnel Trainer (hence the acronym) and over the last year and a half he has transformed the way I approach fitness and nutrition with out pressure of judgement. I now love training, I love seeing my body change both aesthetically and in strength, so I in March 2015 I introduced the HappilyFit series to my blog and the response has been phenomenal.

A few additional facts about me:

My grammar and punctuation will take a hit every now and then!

I am not a fitness, makeup or beauty professional. The product reviews and techniques shared on this blog come direct to you from a layperson who just found that it worked for her.

Blue eyes.

I lift weights.

I have a house rabbit and she will make an appearance.

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