WorkSpace // Are Your Habits Holding You Back

… 5 Behaviours You Need To Change 

Habits form the foundation of our everyday behavior, we create them, we embed them and ultimately they shape who we are…. and it’s really hard to criticise who you are. Yet this might be exactly what is holding you back.

Future Focused and Inflexible

A long term goal is important, but be careful not to become so focused on THE PLAN that you miss opportunities in the present. Plans change and that doesn’t mean failure, it doesn’t mean set back, quite often it means progress and education. Something is happening that you weren’t prepared for, that you weren’t aware of when you first created ‘the plan’ and this is growth, embrace it.



Negative thinking fuels indecision. We all have moments when our goals feel unattainable, we doubt our skills and abilities and we come to the conclusion that there is in fact, no point in trying. This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy and it’s a dream killer.

The fear of failure

One of the heaviest weights to bear is that of fear, another is regret. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back; you will regret the missed opportunities but you rarely regret the times you tried. Use your failures as lessons, learn from what went wrong and make better decisions next time.


If you do a good job, work hard and wait patiently you will automatically be noticed and rewarded with opportunity and success. WRONG! We are the authors of our own destiny and we must take control of progress by identifying opportunities and taking action on our own terms.

Shifting the Blame

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t make excuses, don’t look for reason why it wasn’t your fault; human error is a reality for all of us. Pointing the finger at someone else not only thwarts the learning process, it can also make you look foolish and it’s usually pretty obvious. We all make mistakes; good leaders take ownership of shortfalls and use it to fuel improvement.


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