Summer Vibes // Bondi Sands

Liquid Gold

If, like me, you like a 365 day a year tan that doesn’t damage or age your skin the please keep reading! I have been using fake tan for years and Im a big fan of St. Moriz dark mouse (Tesco £3.99); it has a guide colour so you know whats happening, but it’s not a tan and go product, you do need to wash it off after the development time so requires planning.

In the lead up to summer, tanning lotions are pretty much on everyones beauty list and one that kept coming up was Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Dry Oil (Boots £14.99), all the reviews were positive and not surprisingly considering this is Australia’s leading tanning product and a growing Uk favourite! I had to give it a go!


Honestly, I was a little scared to try it at first, I trusted St. Moriz and with no guide colour I didn’t know what I’d look like in 3 hours time – pushing the terror of being tango’d aside, I went for it and I wasn’t disappointed.

None streaky

None tacky

None tangoy

It didn’t dry instantly, but within 30 minutes I was dressed and on the go! I tried my first application at night, as I’ve mentioned I usually use a product with a guide colour so not having this was a little unnerving, I ended up thinking this isn’t working and putting on a second application and then went to bed. I woke up very dark but with an even golden brown tan that lasted me 6 days with out going patchy! I would suggest one coat is enough for a deep lasting tan! Definitely my favourite tanner – sorry St Moriz!



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