Fitness / Brace Yourself….

…it’s that time again!

It’s almost January, the start of a new year and new goals. Fitness goals. Which means the usually quite gym is packed with new faces, new levels of ability and getting to the squat rack at peak time will be a near impossible task. For some reason, it also means some ‘fitness people’ develop an awful attitude. The eye rolling, the meme sharing, the judgement. How dare people want to join MY gym, improve themselves, get stronger, lose weight… I mean the inconvenience is unimaginable. How quickly they forget. Once upon a time it was them. I remember when it was ME! We’ve all been there. Joining a new gym can be terrifying, you feel awkward, out of place and everyone but you knows what they’re doing (false). For 11 months of the year the gym is a place of support, encouragement, goal setting and PBs…. So why should January be any different.


I train 6 days a week (ish) 12 months of the year and I’m looking forward to some new faces, new conversation and new inspiration. So Good Luck to anyone choosing to better themselves and chasing a fitter, healthier 2017!


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