Monday Motivation // Buy A Ticket

…Or don’t expect to win!

I’m not someone to shy away from a challenge, in fact, I get a great deal of satisfaction from recognising my own limitations and pushing through them. Remember that time I couldn’t do a pull up? However lately I’ve let the possibility of failure put me off and what’s worse is that I’ve allowed other peoples’ ‘opinions’ of my limitations influence me. And that’s just not ok. I was discussing some of my recent hesitations, pertaining to my work life and possible opportunities, with my brother over the weekend and he simply said…

”If you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the raffle”

Now I don’t believe he was the original genius behind these words but his timing couldn’t have been more apt. Today I am buying tickets all over the place. Yes. I might get rejected. I might fail. But. I might succeed and  I’ll definitely learn, so isn’t that a risk worth taking?




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