SS16 // Hard Candy

Spring/Summer 16 MOTD

My blogging game has been weak at best lately; the reason being work and Netflix. I started watching Homeland and I lost myself a little…ok alottle! But here I am and I’m starting with a Beauty post! Spring/Summer 2016 is the time for colour and whilst the bare faced minimal makeup look is still trending, bold swipes of colour are the principal beauty trend for S/S 2016. What’s great about this year is that there is no definitive rule as to how you chose to brighten your look; be it eyeliner, shadow,  lipstick, adding that pop of colour can be as individual as you are.



I decided to experiment with eyeliner, I’m forever saying I want to add more colour to my makeup routine and I’m forever sticking to my neutral smoky tones. I picked up these Hard Candy eyeliners in 5 shades and I’ve gone for the trial and error methodology. Nugget (Gold), Truffle (Bronze), Sailor (Blue), Camo (Sage) and Luxe (Purple) were the shades I picked up.

 image image image image

‘I’m wearing blue eyeliner’ last heard in the year 9 break room and assumed to remain there. But no….the blue liner is my favourite! As I have blue eyes this really compliments them. The reason I like this style is because its super subtle but still a strong statement of colour. The sage was a close second with the purple also in the running, both work really well with my eye colour. I was very excited to try the gold but sadly this didn’t show up that well and the staying power was poor compared to the other colours that were strong in pigment and hung around all day. For £1.99 at Direct Cosmetics these are well worth a try. 



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